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An audiologist is a professional person with a minimum of 4 to 5 years University education, who evaluates and manages hearing and balance disorders.



Audiologists provide the following service:


  • Diagnostic hearing testing for babies, children and adults


  • Screening hearing tests at Nursery Schools and Gr. R in Primary Schools


  • Corporate hearing tests


  • Referral to an Ear, nose and throat specialist or a Medical practitioner if the hearing problem requires medical attention


  • Supply, fit and offer training in the use of hearing instruments when medication or surgery is not indicated


  • Hearing aid adaptation therapy and/or assistance with adjustments and repairs for optimal hearing aid use


  • Evaluation and management of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and hyperacusis (a health condition characterised by over-sensitivity to certain sounds)



Our philosophy with regard to hearing aid fittings:


  • Provide each patient with a full diagnostic audiological examination to exclude any pathology that requires further medical attention


  • Assess the person’s lifestyle and individual needs and advise accordingly on the best suitable hearing aid. The most expensive is not necessarily the best for every individual


  • Provide a comprehensive fitting and follow-up appointment schedule



All our Audiologists attend regular training seminars keeping them up to date with the latest in hearing aid developments.



RIE ROSSOUW AUDIOLOGY is situated on the third floor of the Lifestyle Management Park building next to Unitas Hospital in Lyttelton Manor Centurion. Our audiologists are fully qualified and are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. They will go the extra mile to assist you with any hearing related issues.

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